• What is the BoRo Beach Bike? Open or Close

    The BoRo Beach Bike is a group bike experience that seats up to 17 people on one unique bike. Riders pedal along the prom on a beach-hut shaped bike on roads and pathways adjacent to the beach for spectacular views of the sea.

    The experience encourages riders to network, connect and collaborate in the fresh air and sea breeze of our beautiful coastlines.

    We have a variety of different themed rides - such as afternoon tea, fitness, sightseeing and business networking. The on-board screen is ideal for presentations and the electric motor assists tired riders!

  • How much does it cost? Open or Close

    Our standard beachfront tour cost £12.50 for those pedalling and £10 for concessions (for non-pedalling riders or children in the non-pedalling seats). 

    The prices vary for our other themed rides - starting from £5 for the sunrise rides to £19.50 for our afternoon tea ride. Have a look at our range of themed rides for more details.

    You can also exclusively hire out the BoRo Beach Bike for your group or corporate teams from £195 per hour.

  • Can I buy a ticket on the bike? Open or Close

    It is possible to buy a ticket at the bike, however please note:

    • Spaces are limited to a maximum of 17 people (two of which are children's seats next to the driver) and there is no guarantee there will be space if you turn up at either of the two pick-up points
    • We do not accept cash on the bike but can accept credit cards
    • You may of course buy a ticket on your mobile phone up to the last minute, if there is space. You can check availability here

    We encourage you to buy your ticket in advance to avoid any disappointment that you may not get on.

  • Can I drink alcohol on the bike? Open or Close

    No, you cannot drink any alcoholic drinks on the BoRo Beach Bike, including beer, wine, spirits or cider. The BoRo Beach BIke is not a beer bike, party bike or a pub-crawl service.

  • What if I’m late? Open or Close

    Please try to be at your chosen pick-up point at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to ensure you are not late and to have enough time to sign our terms and conditions/waiver.

    If you are late and the BoRo Beach Bike has departed, then we regret you cannot join the ride and you are not entitled to a refund.

  • What if it’s raining? Open or Close

    All riders will be under the roof and be covered with our rain protection system, so you won’t get wet whilst on the BoRo Beach Bike. In case of heavy rain, the experience may be cancelled, so keep an eye on your emails or our Twitter feed (@BoRo_IoW).

  • How long is the ride? Open or Close

    The ride is up to 60 minutes (depending on the themed experience you have chosen). 

  • Can children ride the bike? Open or Close

    Yes, if they are 1.4 metres tall then they are able to reach pedal and ride comfortably. 

    There are five further seats that children may use - three on the back seat and two either side of the driver. Children over 5 can sit in these seats (as long as they can sit upright and comfortably for an hour). We do not recommend this experience for children under 5 and there is nowhere to store buggies or pushchiars

    All children must be supervised by a responsible parent or guardian at all times. All of our staff are DBS checked.

  • What is the maximum number of riders on the bike? Open or Close

    We can accommodate up to 17 riders, plus the driver. This includes 10 pedallers and 7 non-pedallers (3 at the back, 2 over the rear wheels and 2 child spaces next to the driver).

  • Can I bring my own food and drink? Open or Close

    Yes, you are welcome to bring cold, non-alcoholic drinks on the BoRo Beach Bikes. Hot drinks and glass are not allowed.

    We sell ethical canned water on the BoRo Beach Bike, which is recycleable and resealable, reducing our footprint by not having single-use plastics. The trendy Cano Water can be purchased chilled on the bike in still and sparkling varieties. The 330ml cans are priced at £1.75 and can be purchased by credit card.

    cano water both

    At the halfway-point, we will be making a stop at Puckpool Park Cafe (time dependant). They have a selection of food and drink which you can purchase, although you will not be allowed to bring hot drinks on to the bike.


  • Can I hire the bike just for my group? Open or Close

    Yes, you can hire the BoRo Beach Bike for the private use your party, group, team or business is on it. We can help organise activities or themes (such as afternoon tea or pizza and birthday parties) to make the most of your time with us.

    We also have a screen onboard if you would like to show presentations or videos.

    Visit the Corporate and Groups page to find out more or email us at IoW@BoRoBeachBike.co.uk.

  • Do I need to print my booking confirmation? Open or Close

    We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible so no need to print your booking confirmation. Just show us the email on your smart phone.

  • Can I store my bags? Open or Close

    Yes, we have small spaces available to store smaller bags, although cabin sized baggage will be too large.

    We cannot store buggies or pushchairs.

  • Can I take photos of the bike? Open or Close

    Absolutely!  We encourage you to take lots of photos and our driver can take photos of you. Just be careful when taking photos of other riders on the BoRo Beach Bike, and ensure you get their permission first.

    Please tag your photos and videos to our socia media channels #BoRoBeachBike. Our social media channels are:

  • Can wheelchair users ride the bike? Open or Close

    At the moment we cannot accommodate wheelchair users or store wheelchairs. We are currently working on a solution for this, and talking to experts to try and find the best way forward.

  • What should I wear? Open or Close

    Please wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions and for cycling. All riders must wear a top and not be in bathing costumes and be wearing flat shoes.

    No flip-flops, barefeet or open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed for your own safety.

  • I might have had a few drinks before my ride, can I still have my experience? Open or Close

    If you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, you will not be allowed on the BoRo Beach Bike.

    Our trained operators have the final say as to whether you are capable to go on the experience.

  • One of the other riders is being rude. What will you do? Open or Close

    Any physical or verbal abuse (including catcalling and wolf-whistling) of a staff member or a member of the public will not be tolerated. Any one doing this will be ejected from the ride and, if necessary, we will prosecute to the greatest extent of the law.

    No unwanted physical contact with other participants or operator is allowed.

  • Do you have adjustable seats? Open or Close

    Yes, there are three height settings, the lowest is for 1.4 metres tall, or 4.5 foot. Alternatively you can take one of the non-pedalling seats.

  • Where is the meeting/boarding point? Open or Close

    The BoRo Beach Bike goes along the stunning coastline of Ryde's seafront, with views across the Solent. There are two routes to choose from:

    • Ryde Pier to the sandy beaches in Appley, and back again
    • Appley Beach to Puckpool Park


    If you are arriving by Wightlink fastcat ferry or the Hovercraft from Portsmouth, you can pick up the BoRo Beach Bike at the following pick-up points:

    1. At the 'wet' end of Ryde Pier, right outside the Wightlink ferry terminal connecting Ryde with Portsmouth. The postcode is PO33 2HF
    2. Outside Ryde Superbowl in Eastern Gardens. The postcode is PO33 2EL. Look out for the BoRo Beach Bike surfboard sign.

    surfboard sign

    The pick-up point in Appley is right outside Appley Beach Cafe (postcode PO33 1ND), and in Puckpool Park it is by the ice-cream kiosk by the playground and tennis courts in the car park.


  • Is there parking nearby? Open or Close

    Ryde Pier Head

    Yes, car parking at the WightLink ferry terminal is available. It is operated by a third party and is not connected to the BoRo Beach Bike.

    Please note that a toll charge of £1 per vehicle for cars, light vans and motorcycles is payable at the entrance to Ryde Pier and this must be paid in cash at the coin-operated machine. The toll charge entitles you to up to twenty minute’s free parking. There is no charge for pedestrians or cyclists.

    Parking prices on the end of the Pier (as of July 2018):

    • Up to 20 minutes £1 (pier toll)
    • Up to 2 hours: £1.70
    • 2-16 hours: £6.70

    You can pay to park of up to three days using the RingGo app on your phone, meaning you no longer need to put tickets on your windscreen. You can even extend your session through your phone if you plan on staying a little longer.

    Alternatively, you can use the designated ticket machines to pay with either card or cash. Only customers purchasing parking for more than 24 hours will be able to do so at the Ticket Offices.

    Ryde Superbowl

    There is metered street parking available on the Esplanade directly by the Superbowl, as well as 2 hour restricted parking on surrounding roads.

  • Are there toilet stops? Open or Close

    Yes, there are public toilets along the route which we can stop at.

  • What is the waiver I have to sign? Open or Close

    All riders must agree to our terms of use (or waiver) for particpating on the BoRo Beach Bike by proving their first and last name and email address on the online form.

    This can be done in advance before you arrive at the pick-up point to save time.

    Full terms and conditions can be read here.

  • I don't want to pedal but can I still join? Open or Close

    Yes of course! We have 7 non-pedalling seats in total:

    • 2 seats that have no pedals (which are located over the rear wheels)
    • 3 seats on the back seat
    • 2 seats either side of the driver for children

    Make sure you choose which ticket you would like when booking.

  • How eco-friendly are you? Open or Close

    We are super eco-friendly, and strive to add positively to the environment. Not only is the bike pedal-powered, but also the assisted motor is electric, meaning no diesel fumes polluting the beach. We have no single-use plastics on the BoRo Beach Bike so we sell recycled, reuseable and resealable canned water. All of our clothing merchandise is made from sustainable and organic cotton (even the packaging is plant-based) and we do free beach cleans every month.

  • Can I buy gift vouchers? Open or Close

    Gift vouchers are coming soon.


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